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Books · September 22, 2023

Cosmic Astronaut Journal 6×9

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The Cosmic Astronaut Journal is a perfect companion for those who love to write and record their thoughts, ideas, and experiences. With 200 lined pages, this journal provides ample space for you to jot down your musings and reflections. The watermarked pages with an astronaut bring a touch of the cosmic into your everyday life, making this journal not only functional but also visually appealing.

The date block at the top of each page allows you to keep track of when you wrote each entry, making it easier to look back on your journal in the future and see how your thoughts and feelings have evolved over time. The date block also adds a touch of organization to your writing, helping you to stay on top of your journaling routine.

Whether you are a seasoned journaler or just starting out, the Cosmic Astronaut Journal is a great choice. Its compact size makes it easy to take with you wherever you go, so you can write down your thoughts and ideas on the go. So why not blast off into the cosmos and start writing today?

Want to journal but not sure where to start?

Here are a few ideas to help you on your journaling journey:

  • Pick one prompt from a list and write about it for 10 minutes a day
  • Write about a personal experience for 10 minutes a day
  • Brainstorm ideas for a story or novel for 10 minutes a day
  • Write about your day-to-day life for 10 minutes a day
  • Keep a dream journal and write down your dreams for 10 minutes a day
  • Make a list of 100 things you want to do in your lifetime and write about one each day
  • Braindump! Set a timer and write anything that comes to mind for that time period. It’s completely therapeutic!

The list goes on and on! No matter what you use it for, this lined journal is perfect for anyone who likes to write! With a sleek and elegant design, this journal is sure to please. So what are you waiting for? Get your thoughts down on paper today!

Cosmic Astronaut Journal - Convenient To Carry

6×9 Cosmic Astronaut Journal Details :

  • $8.99 on Amazon
  • 6″ x 9″ x 1/2″
  • White 50 lb Paper
  • 33 Lines spaced at 6mm
  • Date block selection at the top

Things To Know

  1. The paper weight on these journals is low, but I have still been able to use watercolor. In areas where I went too heavy with the water, there was bleed through. You can not use heavy watercolor or other wet medias.
  2. Images on the screen appear more shiny and bright. The matte finish of the books will mute the colors slightly.
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